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Welcome to your site for first grade discovery learning! Here you'll find activities that invite your kids to playfully explore math, science, reading, writing, and learn in a way that sticks.

Play gives kids the freedom to wonder, question, and create—the best environment for learning!

If you are looking for helpful 1st grade information, activities, and learning games, then you're in the right place!

Math Games, Activities, and Math Help

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When a child just does not "get" math, the most likely reason is that she needs to see and play with math concepts a lot more before the written numbers will make sense.

Multi-sensory math activities and cool math games can turn frustrated kids into successful and confident math learners. And because this style of learning feels like play, kids love it and want to do more, never realizing they are actually practicing math.

Use these fun math pages to make math more hands-on for your kids:

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for kids

When we make math into a game, practice becomes play and kids love it. Miss Brain's Cool Math Games helps first and second graders get really good at math and feel much more confident, while having fun playing games!

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (grades 1-2)

Reading Games and Activities for Kids

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Reading is not just one skill, but a web of many different skills, all of which kids have to learn. Some kids intuitively pick them up and weave them together, becoming strong readers on their own. Others need practice in each separate reading area before it all makes sense.

Use the pages below to help struggling readers, teach reading with games, and find great books your first grader will love:

Cool Science and Experiments for Kids

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Kids love to explore, tinker, and figure out how their world works. They are born questioners and creative thinkers—in short, they are natural scientists!

These cool science pages, with experiments especially geared to first graders, will get your kids excited about discovering their world:

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“ Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. ”
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