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Why This Site? Growing Smart Kids was created to bring the fun and excitement back into kids' learning. Children learn best when they are relaxed, open, and inquisitive. When learning is fun or surprising, they want to learn more. They will want to remember and share those tidbits or skills. Making learning fun—through movement, story, creativity, exploration and play—wakes up the brain in ways that plain old facts can never do. The brain wants to make new connections and come up with new insights. To do this, information needs to come through many different channels. When kids are involved in active learning, they remember more, understand more deeply, and are motivated and excited to find out more. We don’t know how to make learning fun. If someone could show us what to do, we would love to do more active learning with kids. At Growing Smart Kids, you will find books, curriculum, and resources that show how to do active learning with kids. The activities make information understandable, relevant, and fun. Real learning is fun, and often funny. It strikes a chord. When learning moves off the paper and into kids’ bodies, their eyes lighting up and brains firing a mile a minute, then you know you’ve hit home. About The Author My name is Kelli Pearson. I have developed creative activities for kids for over 20 years. Much of that time was spent developing intensive learning adventures that didn’t "feel like school". I loved helping kids see the world in brand-new ways, and see the light bulb come on when it all started to click. My favorite thing to do is to learn new and fascinating things, then teach these to kids. I’m currently working on a math games kit and a fascinating science curriculum about insects. Both will be available on the Growing Smart Kids site as soon as I get them finished.


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“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself. ”
~John Dewey