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For kids who live in near Santa Clara, CA,

Has homework ever led to angry words or tears?

Do you wish there were some way you could help your child "get it"?

Are your child's grades lower than you would like them to be?

Kelli Pearson (the creator of the Smart First Graders activities) is now offering after school programs in Santa Clara, CA that make math, science and writing fun for your kids.

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after school programs at Kelli Pearson's 
'Growing Smart Kids' class

These innovative after school classes at are filled with exploration and questions. Kids will dig deep into science, math, reading and writing, but the .

Kelli's after school classes are likely to be a good fit if your child:

  • is strugging in math, reading, writing or science
  • responds well to pictures, movement, or touching things
  • needs more skills practice but doesn't want to study
  • doesn't like school or finds it boring
  • needs an extra boost in order to excel

Classes are fun, motivating, and affordable. Mention this website and attend the first class for free.

Here is a list of our fall 2012 classes in Santa Clara, CA.

Mondays 3:00-4:00

Wednesdays 3:00-4:00

Thursdays 3:00-4:00

M, W, Th 4:00-5:00

Math Games Adventures: Play-based math practice and skills learning for kids in grades K-2.

Writer's Workshops: Fun, imaginative writing adventures for kids in grades K-2.

Science Explorers: Hands-on experiments and discoveries for grades K-2 teach how the world works.

Homework Help: Get help with math, reading, and other tricky homework in a small group setting.

Contact Kelli to register for classes or to find out more about our after school programs. Classes are also available for grades 3-5.


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