Top 10 First Grade Apps for iPhone

Which apps for iPhone are right for your 6 year old? You've come to the right place! first grade apps for iphone There are a mind-boggling number of iPod and iPhone apps out there, and sifting through them to find something fun and brain-friendly for your first grader can leave one a little rattled.

These first grade apps for iPod and iPhone are, in my opinion, the best of the best. So bring on those fabulous apps!

10. Successfully Learning Mathematics, grade 1
How's that for a mouthful? In spite of the formal-sounding name, this is a fun app with a lot of good math practice. With its cartoony vampire theme, it explores addition, subtraction, fractions, geometry, money, and more. The only slight drawback is that these are not simple, intuitive games. Kids will need an adult to read the directions and explain the games. It's also a bit more difficult than your typical first grade fare, but if your child is ready for a bit of a challenge, this is a top choice for first grade math games.

9. I Spy Phonics
Beginning readers can have a lot of fun with this one. A personalized treasure hunt with reading at its core, kids spy things around them that start with a certain sound. They can take pictures of the objects, record their voice saying the word, and add it to the I Spy Phonics library. It's got all the appeal of handing a kid a camera and saying go crazy, only with a cool phonics twist. You'll start out with a small picture library for you add on to. The narrators have a lovely British accent.

8. Jungle Time
In my opinion, this is the best of the telling time apps for iPhone. It's easy to understand, has talking clocks (in different languages, if you like!) and jungle animals that roar and growl at you when you complete a task. Kids can move the clock hands with a finger, and shake the device to get a new problem. First graders will start at the earliest of levels, so it will be used for a long time to come.

7. Iwrite Words
It's clean. It's cute. It's easy as can be. A letter appears on the screen, and a series of numbered dots show kids how to trace it with their finger. It is a very basic, but somehow satisfying writing app that reads the letters when kids write them, says the word and shows a child-drawn picture when they are done, and has just enough zips and zaps to keep things interesting. It can be used for very young kids, but if your first grader needs help with writing, the 70 word levels in the full version should keep him busy.

6. Math Bumpies
One of the more adventurous apps for iPhone, Math Bumpies feels more like a game than a learning tool, but that doesn't mean your child isn't learning! On the contrary, kids will have to think fast for this one. Move the screen to roll, bump and bounce along. Catch the right answers to addition and subtraction problems while dodging sharks and hot lava and such. Kids won't get tired of this game for a good long time, but if your child is still counting on fingers for every math problem, wait a little while.

5. Montessori Crosswords
Based on the Montessori movable letters, this app has a simple, elegant theme: do simple crossword puzzles to learn to spell words. You choose what level is best for your child. Even better, the letters themselves come in uppercase print, lowercase print, and cursive, so kids get practice recognizing different types of letters. Picture prompts make the crosswords manageable for kids. This is a great spelling and word building app.

4. I Know Phonics
These are actually a series of five apps for iPhone: ABCs, Consonants 1 and 2, and Vowels 1 and 2. It's the only complete phonics program that I found, plus it's super cartoony and fun. It's got word search, picture-word match, vibrant stories, and more. Most phonics apps don't go any farther than the basics, but this series goes deeper. Not to mention, they are beautifully done.

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3. Word Bingo, by ABCya
Come meet the oogly woogly Bingo Bugs (sort of cross between Ugly Dolls and Sponge Bob characters). All the words in these games are from the Dolch sight word list, so they are exactly the words your first grader needs to know. Along with the quirky bingo and a don't-let-it-reach-the-top reading game, there is even one that involves flinging the Bingo Bug toward the Warp Zone Hole. Ok then.

2. Math Bingo, by ABCya
With the same wacky bug characters as in Word Bingo, along with its own crazy Bingo Bungee game, Math Bingo has become one of the hands-down favorites in math apps. Finishing faster gets a higher score, and high scores win a variety of funny Bingo Bug critters as rewards, so kids really push their math speed. And, there's growing room, with levels covering addition up through division!

1. Teachme 1st Grade
This app gets number one billing from me because it really does have a little of everything. Sight words. Writing practice. Addition and subtraction. Cartoony graphics. Fun 1st grade games. And when kids win those games, they earn coins that they can spend at their choice of stores, to buy stickers, virtual shape bracelets, or even fish!


Thanks to Torbein Ronning and Charles Coxhead for the use of their photos.

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