Miss Brain's Cool Math Games
for kids in grades 1-2

Motivating, practical, and just plain fun, these cool math games for kids are just the thing to transform your bored and frustrated first grader into a kid who feels confident and excited about math!

Miss Brain's Cool Math 
Games for Kids in first and second grades

With just a couple of dice or a deck of cards, Miss Brain's Cool Math Games will give your kids hands-on practice with those tricky math concepts and skills—while they are just having fun playing.

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Does your 6- or 7-year-old seem to be always on the move, touching things, and finding excuses to play? That's great— in fact, it's how young kids learn. Miss Brain uses the play instinct as a teaching tool. Kids love it—and get really good at math, too!

This book is great and has so many fun ways to learn Math! My 2nd grader enjoys the games and enjoys doing Math the "Miss Brain's Cool Math" way! This is the kind of Math where she doesn't realize she is doing Math. I highly recommend this book!! —momoftwods

Parents and teachers agree that the best thing about this collection of games is that it doesn't feel at all like work. Kids are learning, sure—but they are having so much fun, they don't even realize it! They just want to keep playing the games.

What a refreshing take on an often-difficult topic---math! It feels like Miss Brain is sitting right next to you, reassuring you, with her conversational writing style. As a teacher, parent, and now teacher educator, I can say that this book is long overdue ... Miss Brain's Cool Math Games is great!
—Karen Kreider Yoder

Here are a few of the nifty things you'll find in Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for kids in grades 1-2:

  • 36 great games for counting, addition, subtraction, number sense, place value, money, fractions, and multiplication.
  • Suggestions for making games easier or harder.
  • Explanations of exactly what kids need to know, and practical suggestions for helping them learn it.
  • A detailed picture glossary explaining words and concepts like place value, regrouping, and arrays.
  • Game finder to help you find just the right game
  • Simple ways to make your own hands-on learning materials.
  • Printables of fraction strips, number lines, and other helpful first grade math tools.

I love the back of the book. There are many great things back there, including a wonderful glossary of math vocabulary terms, and plenty of reproducibles. —Maryann Wolfe

Are you ready to end the frustration and turn your struggling kids into confident math learners? Packed full of ideas and games that will last you for years, Miss Brain is a resource that you will turn to again and again.

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P.S: You have my SUPER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE that you will love it. If for any reason you decide it doesn't work for you, just let me know and I'll refund your money right away--no questions asked.


“(My son) enjoys the games so much he doesn't realize he's learning math! ”
~Sheri Hostetler

“ This came on the day after we were both in tears trying to do word problems! This book will be an answered prayer! ”
~Shelby Tobler Anderson

“ This is a wonderful book. If you are stuck in a rut with your math skills give this book a try. ”
~Amy Brandemuehl

“ It feels like Miss Brain is sitting right next to you, reassuring you... This book is long overdue. Miss Brain's Cool Math Games is great! ”
~Karen Kreider-Yoder