Miss Brain's Cool Math Games
for kids in grades 1-2

Miss Brain 's Cool Math Games (for kids in grades 1-2) turns math practice into play with kids' card games, dice games, and other fun games that help kids improve in math.

This unique book targets the most important math skills for first and second grade, with over 35 games for parents to play with their kids. Kids will get countless hours of fun math practice with:

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for Kids in first and second grades
  • Number sense games
  • Counting games
  • Addition games
  • Subtraction games
  • Place value games
  • Counting money games
  • Fraction games

Hands–On Math Games for Teachers

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (for kids in grades 1-2) are perfect for small group work and math centers in first or second grade classrooms! Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Not a lot of fancy materials: Most games are played with either regular playing cards or dice, which are inexpensive and easy to find.
  • Games for a range of levels: The games are set up in such a way that kids of mixed levels are equally likely to win. Many games also include variations to make them harder or easier.
  • Easy to learn: You'll grasp the games quickly, and so will the kids. The easiest way to teach a game is to play a little to demonstrate.
  • Addictive: Kids will love math time when it involves playing these games, and they'll soon have favorites they want to play over and over.
  • Serious learning: Don't let the good times fool you. These games are carefully selected to give kids lots of targeted practice on each math skill or concept.
  • Curriculum friendly: The math games move from early first grade through advanced second grade, and are organized by math area. It's very easy to plug these into a math curriculum.

For just $9.99—less than the price of a tutoring session—you'll get:

  • A total of 36 super fun small-group math games that span two full years of school (and probably a little more)
  • Suggestions for making each game easier or more challenging
  • Focused practice on the most essential 1st and 2nd grade math skills
  • Explanations of exactly what skills and concepts your first or second grader will be learning in each math area
  • A comprehensive, illustrated math glossary
  • Hands-on math tools including a 0-100 number line, place value mat, hundreds chart, fraction strips, and more
  • 100% money back guarantee for a full year after you buy*

*Yep, you read that right. If your child doesn't like the games, or they don't help your child improve first and second grade math skills, I'll happily refund your money!

So take your time. Play the games, and watch your child return to favorites over and over again—all the time strengthening those important math skills. Best of all, know that you are helping your kids build a strong math foundation for the years to come. Enjoy!

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P.S: Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (for kids in grades 1-2) brings you 75 jam-packed pages of information, resources, and the very best games. There are no fillers; every page is practical and useful for helping your child improve in math. Period.

P.P.S: I've seen what a difference even one great math game can make in the life of a child who is frustrated or bored with math. I hope you will share this resource with parents or teachers of first or second graders who may need this resource!

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