First Grade Q&A

Raising first graders can be challenging.
Ask, or answer, first grade questions here.

Honestly, this should have been named Q&A&A&A. Wouldn't it be great if anyone with some experience on a topic added to the discussion? We'd learn so much from each other!

My hope is that you'll ask lots of questions; others are likely wondering the same thing. And answer them too, even if they've been answered already. Your perspective is valuable, and others may need to hear exactly what you have to say!

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Exclusion issues... 
I thought that exclusion of friends started in high school, not in elementary school. What advice do you have to help a child navigate friendships in …

My little girl is 6 and has had troubles with her learning ever since I can remember. She will write some of her letters backwards and even her numbers …

I thought tantrums were reserved for toddlers, so I feel like we have taken a step back in time as I watch my 5 year old daughter throw herself on the …

Hundreds Chart Puzzle 
How do you work the puzzle? "Using your hundreds chart, fill in the empty boxes on each puzzle."

Experiment With Water 
Can pepper go inside water without getting wet?

Perfectionist Child Not rated yet
My daughter just finished first grade. It's been a rough year. She is so hard on herself when she doesn't live up to her own expectations. She played …

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