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Being a first grader isn't always easy. Starting school, losing teeth, making new friends, learning to read... First grade brings its share of challenges, and your kids depend on you to help them through it all.

The First Grader Handbook will give you a look inside the first grade mind, and plenty of insights into why 6- and 7-year-olds act like they do. One reader exclaimed, This sounds exactly like my daughter!.

Find out:

  • why first graders need a predictable schedule and routine
  • how to help your digital kid get outside and play
  • how to make transitions easier for your first grader
  • why first graders often seem like poor losers
  • the most important developmental milestones
  • what first graders look for in friends
  • what normal child development looks like in first grade
  • ...and much more!

Along with the First Grader Handbook, from time to time we'll also send you great learning games and activities, and practical tips on how to help your child thrive!

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