Super Easy Fourth of July Activities

Fourth of July activities

Independence Day is a great time for kids to get outside and soak up the sun. These easy Fourth of July activities are quick to set up, and will bring hours of rollicking fun to the youngsters (and some not-so-youngsters).

Honey, Let's Paint the Kids: Face paint is cheap, and always a crowd pleaser. Make easy stars or hearts with red or blue paint, or branch out and get creative if you are more artistically inclined. Or, get red, white, or blue fingernail polish and paint kids' nails in patriotic colors. (You might even have boys who want to get in on the act.)

Obstacle Course: One of our favorite fourth of July activities, and it uses stuff you have around the house. Kids can climb under chairs or tables, jump over or crawl through a cardboard box, throw a ball in a basket, throw a water balloon at a target, run through a sprinkler... running through sprinklers the possibilities are endless! Let kids help set it up. A stopwatch makes it even more fun.

Watermelon Pops: You'll get kids involved on two levels: making the pops now, and eating them later! Simply cut chunks of watermelon (enough to make 6 cups) and remove the seeds. Put the watermelon in the blender along with 1 Tablespoon of sugar. Blend it up and pour into small paper cups, and put a stick in each. Freeze. When ready to eat, just peel the paper cup away from the pops.

Very Berry Dessert: This red, white and blue dessert is a guaranteed hit, and easy for kids to help make. Slice fresh strawberries and put them in a layer in a clear bowl. Add a layer of whipped cream. Put a layer of blueberries on that. Another layer of whipped cream. Top it all off with a layer of raspberries, and one more whipped cream layer. Put a few of each berry on top, then watch it disappear!

Blown Art Fireworks: All you need is some slightly watery paint in different colors, white paper, and straws. Show kids how to put a blob of colored paint on their paper, then blow out from the middle to make "fireworks". Very cool-looking!

Water Guns: Fill with water. watermelon on the Fourth of July Give to kids. Enough said.

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