Fun Hobbies for Kids

First grade is a great time to introduce kids to new hobbies. Hobbies for kids are much more than a time filler; they give children an opportunity to explore their interests and try out new things.

hobbies for kids

Computer games are fun, but they are not life. Kids need the opportunity to discover, explore, and experience wonder. They need to try out many things that interest them and cultivate curiosity about things in their world. They might even ignite the spark that leads a child on what will become their career path.

Hobbies for kids should be inexpensive, use few materials, and be easy to do. Be sure the hobbies do not require huge amounts of adult assistance; your child should be able to do a fair amount independently (although first graders will want to involve mom and dad at every opportunity). Here are some hobbies that work well with young kids.

Kid Crafts

Beginning at about age 6, kids become much more adept with their hands. Finger knitting is an easy way to start making things with yarn. They will need some help getting started, but should be able to do a lot on their own once they get the hang of it. Kids at this age are also able to learn to make latch-hook rugs or crochet a chain. You can also find recycled cardboard and other materials, and let kids get creative.

Drawing or painting are a great hobby for kids at this age, although they may be overly concerned about "getting it right" in the beginning. Supply kids with drawing tools and paper, and encourage their creative efforts. Help them lighten up by making silly suggestions: Draw what daddy would look like with wings. Draw the funnest place in the world. Draw your perfect pet.


Collecting continues to be one of the all-time favorite hobbies for kids (and grown-ups, too). Rock collecting can be done almost anywhere, and it is great fun for kids. Give kids a paintbrush and have them paint their rocks with clean water. The water will bring out new colors like magic.

stamp collecting for kids

Stamp collecting is less common these days, and interesting stamps are harder to come by as fewer letters are mailed. Even so, many kids will find it fascinating, especially if you already have a stamp collection to pass on, and children can learn a lot from stamp collecting as a hobby.

Coin collecting may be a good option if you have a family member who travels often and can bring back interesting coins from other countries. In the U.S, kids can also collect quarters and try to acquire one from every state.

Kids may also enjoy collecting shells, marbles, dried flowers, restaurant take-out menus, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Again, keep it reasonable. If you need to buy it, kids probably shouldn't be collecting it. It is much more fun if they can go for a walk outside and find new things for their collection.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor hobbies for kids are a great way to open them up to the wonders of their world--starting in their own backyard! Gardening with kids is easier than you might think; the trick is to find plants that grow quickly and easily. Grass seed and beans are quick growers for kids' short attention spans, and they will see new results every day. Or, ask a local gardener for suggestions on seeds and plants that are easy to grow in your area.

hobbies for kids

Children are also fascinated by bugs. Studying insects is a great hobby, and will open doors for you to teach kids to respect other living things. With just a magnifying glass and a glass jar (with holes in the lid), kids are set to go. Encourage them to keep bugs no longer than a day before releasing them outside again. Children's books on insects will add fuel to their curiosity.

Potential hobbies for kids are boundless, limited only by their interest and abilities. If kids are really interested in something that needs a lot of adult help, consider setting aside a certain time each week to do that with your child. Find books on your child's new hobby, and read them at bedtime. Enjoy the fun, enjoy the new light in your child's eyes, and enjoy the time spent away from the TV set!


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