Hundreds Chart Puzzle

by Barbara
(Danville, KY)

How do you work the puzzle?

"Using your hundreds chart, fill in the empty boxes on each puzzle."

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Nov 19, 2011
How to Do a Hundreds Chart Puzzle
by: Kelli

There are three main types of hundreds chart puzzles. One of them involves cutting apart a hundreds chart and having the child put it back together. The second has cut out shapes that you put somewhere over the top of the puzzle, and the child guesses which numbers are under it based on the numbers surrounding the shape. The third type, similar to number 2, is a printed hundreds chart that has groups of numbers missing.

A hundreds chart has numbers that count across, one at a time. The way it is set up, counting across rows you count by ones, and counting down columns you count by tens. So when helping your child solve a puzzle, the easiest way is to simply count the boxes across and fill in the numbers, but as kids get better at this, show them the pattern of counting down by tens to fill in that way (9, 19, 29, etc).

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