Fun Learning Resources for First Grade

Looking for hands-on learning resources that will help your kids love school? If you live near Santa Clara, CA, you can take advantage of our local tutoring, workshops, summer camps, and learning adventures. If you don't live nearby, you can easily turn math into play with our new e-book of fun math games!

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games

Transform first grade math from dull to delightful with Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (for kids in grades 1-2). This e-book is filled with math games, hands-on math tools, and practical tips for helping first and second graders with math!

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for Kids in grades 1-2

You'll find fun games and helpful tips for:

  • counting
  • number sense
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • place value
  • money
  • fraction games
  • multiplication games

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Hands-on Learning with Kelli

If you live near Santa Clara, CA (south bay area), you can take advantage of some great local resources. Kids will discover the fun of math and bring science to life with exploratory summer camps, learning adventures, and hands-on tutoring. Parents will learn fun and practical ways to help their kids learn in interactive workshops.

Summer Camps: Kids going into grades K-6 will love exploring mysteries and investigating surprising science experiments in these cool camps. Each day camp lasts one week; they will be held in July. Learn more.

tutoring cute young Asian boy

Tutoring: Does your child struggle with school work? Do you wish the curriculum could go deeper, and tackle the really meaty stuff? Having a one-on-one tutor can quickly take kids from being bored and confused to being excited about learning! Learn more.

Learning Adventures: When kids are ready to really dig in to science, math, or writing, Learning Adventures give them several weeks of in-depth exploration of such intriguing topics as Sound and Music, Balance and Gravity, etc. Kids can dive deep into math through a math games workshop, or find their inner muse with a creative writers workshop. Learn more.

Workshops: These interactive workshops will show parents and homeschoolers practical ways to make math understandable and fun, how to use games for learning, and more. You'll come away with great ideas and tools to transform your child's learning right away. Workshops can also be arranged for teachers or after-school groups. Learn more.


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