First Grade Math Games

Math games are a great way to engage kids in learning with all their senses. They give math practice that feels like play, and surround the learning process with fun, humor, and a nice dash of competitiveness.

What's the Right Level?

Math Games

The right game will give kids practice, confidence, and the mastery of new skills. But how do you know if your game is appropriate for your child—not too easy and not too hard?

The best gauge of whether a math game is at the right level is your child's interest and skill. If he is frustrated, or unable to win, it is too hard. You can either simplify parts of the game or put it aside for later.

Bingo as a Math Game

Math learning games do require a certain level of skill before kids are able to play. If your child is struggling with a particular area, do some hands-on math activities together to learn the math concept, before introducing that game. Games are best for giving practice and building skills in what kids already understand.

Choosing Your Game

They are easy to play. Most use either dice or a deck of cards; nothing fancy. Some are competitive, but many can be played fairly between a parent and child, or kids at different skill levels. But be warned: they may be a little addictive!

They will be the ones begging you for a chance to practice math!

First graders can't get enough of a good math game. The trick is to find a game that fits your child developmentally, focuses on the areas they need to work on, and is fun to play. It is the easiest way to encourage math practice and learning, because they will be the ones bugging you for a chance to practice!

Want all the best first grade math games at your fingertips? I highly recommend Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (for kids in grades 1-2) for a fun and stress-free way for kids to increase skills and confidence in math!


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