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Miss Brain's Cool Math Games

Make math practice fun with card games, dice games, and other cool math games.

unifix cubes

Unifix Cubes

A wealth of fun math activities that you can do with unifix cubes.

Easy Reading Games for Kids

Easy Reading Games for Kids

Have just a few minutes? These easy reading games are great fun to play.


SFG Testimonials

A lot of folks are saying some pretty sweet things about Smart First Graders. Makes me go all aww-shucks inside.

Magnifying Glass, Full Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Learn how we make our money and our standards around choosing affiliate partners.

blonde girl reading

Best Reading Programs

Reviews of the top reading and phonics programs, to help you choose the best for your child.

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5 Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Love Math

Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Love Math

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