Playing Cards for Math Learning

math playing cards

If you are looking for a way to end the homework battles, raise your child's math scores, and turn math practice into something your child can't wait to do more of, pull out the playing cards.

Every child loves fun and games, and nothing says "let's play" more than a deck of cards. But here's a secret that many kids don't know: card games are great for math.

How Can Card Games Help With Math?

Here are just a few ways I use cards to help kids learn math:

  • comparing numbers to find out which is bigger
  • practicing place value
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
  • learning fractions
  • money and decimals
  • logic games and patterns
  • ...and much more!

Cards are best for math practice, so kids can get better at the skills they need to whiz through homework or ace their next test.

Giant Deck of Cards: Kids love GIANT cards! This giganto-deck is big, sturdy, and is stored in a cool metal tin.

Dog Deck of Cards: Any card deck will work fine, but the ones with fun pictures on them are always a hit. Or, browse this selection of playing cards.

If you are intrigued by the idea of helping kids learn math with cards, but aren't sure where to start, Miss Brain's Cool Math Games is full of fun games that use dice and cards to help first and second graders learn math skills. The games are easy to learn, easy to play, and a great way to help kids learn math. Find out more.

Dice are another great way to teach math.


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