Great Science Experiments for Kids

The best science experiments for kids are just right for their age, give plenty of hands-on exploration, and ask questions that help kids get at the heart of a science concept.

Science Experiments for Kids

First grade science experiments are not flashy or complicated; when it comes to learning new concepts, simpler is better. Kids do best when they can focus on one new thing at a time, and the number one rule in science experiments is to let kids do it themselves.

Science teaches the workings of the world around us. When preparing science experiments for kids, think of the broad range of topics you'll want your kids to know about. The major areas you'll want to cover in first grade include everyday chemistry, rocks and the earth, water, plants, animals, the human body, light and color.

Science Pages

Among the favorite science experiments for kids are the ones that involve water. Our water experiments for kids explore why things sink or float, test which powders dissolve in water, and play with surface tension (the "skin" on the surface of water). They also learn an "impossible" trick: how to keep a piece of paper dry when it's under water!

Moving on to dustier explorations, earth science for kids lets them discover the wonders of rocks, facts about earthquakes, ways to protect our environment, and more. What? You say that rocks don't sound very interesting? Then you must visit this page, filled with some of our most fascinating and fun science experiments.

To combat the prevalence of nature deficit disorder, you absolutely must not miss these nature science experiments for kids. City kids these days can't tell you what part of a plant the carrot comes from, and may have never grown a plant from a seed. Kids will learn about leaf shapes, a bee's favorite color, the miracle of compost, and where their food comes from.

Nature Science Experiments for Kids

If your idea of science is an image of liquids bubbling in a beaker, you'll love chemistry for kids. While you won't blow anything up with these beginning chemistry activities, there is a special satisfaction that comes from mixing things together and watching neat effects happen. Kids will experience the baking soda and vinegar fizz, make a miracle penny cleaner, do some tasty kitchen chemistry, and even learn a magic trick!

These will get you started, and even more terrific science experiments for kids are on their way. So many cool things to discover! Now go explore with your small scientists...


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