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You don't need a lot of special stuff to make fun, hands–on learning happen for your kids. Still, I admit there are some materials and tools that I use over and over, that make it positively easy to turn a lesson into an exploration or a game. You can buy those here.

Likewise, hands–on learning is easy to bring about with kids, but it's a whole lot easier with a book of great activities. Here are the ones I can't do without.

Best Books for Hands-On Learning

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for kids in first grade and second grade

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games (for grades 1-2)

My kids LOVE these games, and it's such a great way to learn math!
Get the e-book for just $9.99
Get the paperback for $14.95

Success with Sight Words

Success with Sight Words

The biggest and best selection of sight word activities I've found. So many great ideas here!

Buy it on Amazon

hands-on math for kids in grades 1, 2 and 3

Hands-On Math

Amazing collection of hands-on math activities for kids. It says 2-3, but there's great stuff for 1st too.

Buy it on Amazon

My Favorite Math Tools for Fun Math Learning

white board for kids

White Board

A small write–on, wipe–off board is a must. Magnetic is even better.

Buy white board on Amazon.

unifix cubes

Unifix Cubes

Linking cubes can be used to teach pretty much any math skill.

Buy linking cubes on Amazon.

bear counters


Two-sided counters are my favorite, but kids love the bears.

Buy counters on Amazon.

number line

Number Line

You'll need at least a 1-20 number line. The laminated ones are nice for write–on, wipe–off.

Buy number line on Amazon.

hundreds chart

Hundreds Chart

The laminated ones are really nice for working on, and then erasing.

Buy hundreds chart on Amazon.

learning to count money

Coins or Play Money

Kids love play money almost as much as real money.

Buy play money on Amazon.

base ten blocks, base 10 blocks

Base 10 Blocks

The absolute best tool for helping kids understand, add, and subtract large numbers.

Buy these blocks on Amazon.


Fraction Strips

Fractions make so much more sense when kids play with fraction strips.

Buy fraction strips on Amazon.

3D geometric solids figures

Geometric Solids

Makes learning "cylinder, sphere, cube" and so on, so much easier.

Buy geometric solids on Amazon.

Have questions about any of these products? Send me an email; I would love to tell you more about how I've used the books and materials on this page.

If you'd like ideas on how to use some of the math tools on this page, be sure to visit our page on math manipulatives, or check out the links below.


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