The Wild World of Kids

Parents and teachers are the privileged and sometimes perplexed observers of a unique universe: the world of kids. It is a universe we have all inhabited, The World of Kids but most of us have forgotten what it's like—until a child we love pulls us back in.

When we have kids to raise or teach, certain things suddenly become very important. Managing conflicts between kids becomes an essential skill to master, as is dealing with difficult child behavior. We get good at back to school preparations, and may find out more than we ever wanted to know about dealing with bullies or how to teach a child with a learning disability.

The truth is, we all want more than just book–smarts for our kids. We want them to be able to have healthy friendships, resolve disputes, deal flexibly with the changes in their lives. We want them to be respectful to others, to value what is important, and be people of character.

The articles in this section will help us enter more deeply into the everyday world of kids. When we better understand their everyday struggles, we can equip kids with the tools they need to be confident, capable, and kind individuals.

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“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself. ”
~John Dewey